Lim Lee Ting

lim lee tingQualification/Institution: LLB (Hons) UKM

Ms Lim Lee Ting obtained her LLB (Hons) from National University of Malaysia (“University Kebangsaan Malaysia”) and completed her pupilage under Mr Soh Siew Chiang in Messrs Lim Soh & Goonting.

She was admitted as an advocate and solicitor of the High Court of Malaya in June 2012 and commenced practice as a Legal Assistant in the conveyancing department of Messrs Lim Soh & Goonting, Johor Bahru Branch from the date of admission until December 2012 and thereafter, she practiced at Kuala Lumpur Head Office of Messrs Lim Soh & Goonting.

During her practice, she has involved in various matters which include tenancy and will drafting, general commercial drafting which include joint venture and service agreement, property sale and purchase matters which include sub-sale and developer projects where she provided proper legal guidance related to property dealings, banking matters where she provides legal advice in loan disbursement and she ensures all legal processes are duly completed before advising the mortgage financier to a proper loan drawdown.

In year 2013, she has resigned from Messrs Lim Soh & Goonting and first joined Messrs A K Liew & Co as a legal assistance from 2nd May 2013 and with effect from 1st November 2013, she has been recruited as partner and she further her experiences in the areas of Banking and Finance, Family Law and Trust. She has also been exposed to and gained vast experience in many aspects of the conveyancing areas, including sale and purchase agreements, tenancy agreements and loan documentations.

She has now resigned from Messrs A K Liew & Co. and the last date of services at Messrs A K Liew & CO Shall be 15th June 2015 and now join Messrs Hee & Lim as a partner with effect from 16th June 2015. She strongly believes that every deadline must be met in order to produce best result for her clients couple with the value of integrity.