We believe that our clients’ own words and experiences can best help you know us before you choose to do business with us.  We can make our clients available to speak to you confidentially about their experiences with us.  The random sampling of client testimonials on this page will help you get to know our client’s opinions of us.

This was my first ever criminal charge and had no idea how to find a criminal attorney. I did some research online and called Hee & Lim in Seremban. Hee did a great job at defending me. I highly recommend him to anyone facing criminal chargers and very happy with the turnout of my case.


当一段婚姻遇到了困难,开始我没想到可以用法律武器来维护自己的权利,作为一个女人,我自己认为自己是个弱者,没有太多的要求。但是在好友的劝说下我来到了芙蓉 Hee & Lim 律师楼所寻求帮忙。Hee & Lim 律师楼的律师解答在线咨询非常专业、非常及时,希望继续努力、加油哦。


I highly recommend Mr. Hee hired as my divorce lawyer. Mr. Hee did an excellent job in leading me through my divorce. His expertise and professionalism has made the unpleasant and stressful process of divorce manageable.


I recently purchased a serviced apartment and landed house property at Old Klang Road, Kuala Lumpur and engaged a solicitor from Hee & Lim Advocates & Solicitors from Seremban to do the conveyancing. I found their services to be of outstanding quality. Calls were returned promptly and matters dealt with efficiently.